A320002: SIS Report Card Batch Run (NEW)

A320002: SIS Report Card Batch RunĀ is used for generating Report Card based Business Intelligence reports that can be presented either in MS Word or MS Excel.

Located At:

MainĀ > Add-In Modules > School Information System > Business Intelligence Settings > SIS Report Card Batch Run

Initial Tabs, Fields, And Columns:

  • General (Tab Page)
    • Note: The results are stored for custom reporting. You must “Que and Process” to refresh the results.
    • Reset All (Button)
    • Filter Settings
      • From School Year, To School Year
      • From Student, To Student
      • From Class Section, To Class Section
      • From School, To School
      • From Curriculum, To Curriculum
      • From Year Level, To Year Level
      • From Semester, To Semester
    • Grade Labels
      • Show Attendance In Hours?
      • Convert Only The Overall Grade?

Initial Reports:

  • SIS Report Card Batch Run


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