SS10: Payment Terms (Added Handling For First Due Date Month Lower Than Effective Date)

There are times when due dates are lower than the effective date. When this happens the system will automatically change the due date to match the effective date. This behavior can be enhanced by allowing the option to move the passed due dates next year.

For Example:

Payment Schedule (Effective Date is 14-SEP-2017)

Previous Behavior:

  1. Due Date: 1-JUN-2017 moves to 14-SEP-2017
  2. Due Date: 1-JUL-2017 moves to 14-SEP-2017
  3. Due Date: 1-AUG-2017 moves to 14-SEP-2017
  4. Due Date: 1-SEP-2017 moves to 14-SEP-2017
  5. Due Date: 1-OCT-2017 (NO CHANGE)
  6. Due Date: 1-NOV-2017 (NO CHANGE)

New Optional Behavior :

  • Due Date: 1-JUN-2017 moves to 1-JUN-2018
  • Due Date: 1-JUL-2017 moves to 1-JUL-2018
  • Due Date: 1-AUG-2017 moves to 1-AUG-2018
  • Due Date: 1-SEP-2017 moves to 1-SEP-2018
  • Due Date: 1-OCT-2017 moves to 1-OCT-2018
  • Due Date: 1-NOV-2017 moves to 1-NOV-2018

Added The Following Fields:

  • General (Tab Page)
    • Move The Due Dates Next Year When The Very First Month In Schedule Is Below Or Lower Than The Effective Date? (options: check/unchecked)


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