A300037: SIS Credit Note (New)


Allows recording of Credit Notes in SIS.

Located At:

Main > Add-In Modules > School Information System > Admissions > SIS Credit Note

Initial Tabs, Fields, And Columns:

  • General (Tab Page)
    • Credit Note #
    • For Branch
    • Document Type
      • Options:
        • Enrollment, Admission, And Other Fees
    • Document Date
    • Effective On, School Year
    • Show Miscellaneous Fees, Show Supplies Fees, Show Tuition Fees
    • New Student?
      • Options:
        • Check or Uncheck
    • Student ID
    • Full Name (First, Middle, and Last Names)
    • Citizenship, Child #, Course ID
  • Personal Information (Tab Page)
    • Birth Date, Current Age
    • Gender
      • Options:
        • Male or Female
    • Tel #, Mob #, Email Address
  • Tuition Fees (Tab Page)
    • Total Unit/s, Tuition w/Tax
    • Grid:
      • Add?, Disc?, Subject ID, Unit/s, U/P, Total, Add Cost(+), Discount(-), Tax, Tax Amt, Total w/ Tax
  • Miscellaneous Fees (Tab Page)
    • Total Fees w/ Tax
    • Grid:
      • Add?, Disc?, Charge ID, Unit/s, U/P, Total, Add Cost(+), Discount(-), Tax, Tax Amt, Total w/ Tax
  • Supplies Fees (Tab Page)
    • Total Supplies w/ Tax
    • Grid:
      • Supply Item, Warehouse, Lot, Quantity, U/P, Total, Tax, GUOM, UOM, Tax Amt, Total w/ Tax
  • Applied Document (Tab Page)
    • Auto Add Advances (Button)
    • Total Applied
    • Grid:
      • Document, Currency Notes, (OD) Applied, (OD) Discount, (Src) Discount, (Src) Total
      • Custom Rate?
        • Options:
          • Check or Uncheck
      • New Rate, Eff Date, Due Date, Disc Date, Program
  • Costs, Discounts, And Fees Summary (Tab Page)
    • Total Tuition, Total Miscellaneous Fees, Total Supplies Fees
    • Add Cost By
      • Options:
        • Percentage or Fixed
    • Add Cost (Fxd or %)
    • Tuition Add Cost, Miscellaneous Add Cost
    • Discount By
      • Options:
        • Percentage or Fixed
    • Discount (Fxd or %)
    • Tuition Discount, Miscellaneous Discount
    • Tuition Tax, Miscellaneous Fees Tax, Supplies Fees Tax
    • Invoice Total, Total Applied, Balance After Apply
  • Payment Terms (Tab Page)
    • Payment Terms
    • Grid:
      • Due Date, Amount, Line Item Notes
  • Initial Fixed Payments (Tab Page)
    • Grid:
      • Fixed Payment (TSG), Total w/ Tax
  • Currency (Tab Page)
    • Currency, Rate Type
    • Rate Control
      • Options:
        • Buying or Selling
    • Rate Date, Rate Amount


General Tab Page


Personal Information Tab Page


Tuition Fees Tab Page


Miscellaneous Fees Tab Page


Supplies Fees Tab Page


Applied Document Tab Page


Cost, Discounts, And Fees Summary Tab Page


Payment Terms Tab Page


Initial Fixed Payments Tab Page


Currency Tab Page

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