GENERAL: “Required” Visual Helper

We’ve added the following to all the programs:

  • “Required” Visual Helper – Previously in order for the user to check¬†if certain fields that are required to be entered are completely filled up, the document had to be saved a couple of times to get a visual dialog feedback. This kind of procedure ultimately leads to the users’ “hit and miss a couple of times” scenario.

This new feature allows the users to very easily recognize the fields that are required to be filled up.


(The helper shows at the left border side of the Field)

There are 3¬†types of “Required” Visual Helper:

  1. Green – if the field is automatically filled up (usually comes with the <<AUTO>> watermark).
  2. Red – if the field is required to be filled up.
  3. None – if the field is optional or already filled up.

Note: At the moment, only a few programs have this feature but the rest will be applied in the coming months or as needed.

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