GENERAL: “Autocomplete” Search Helper And New Search Field Presentation

We’ve added the following to all the programs:

  • “Autocomplete” Search Helper – Previously when users need to search keywords, they either need to know part of its code or type its description and press tab or have the field out of focus to bring up the “Advanced Search” helper in to full screen. This procedure, although very powerful also stops the users’ data entry momentum.

This new feature allows users to visually see results while typing. The advance search is still available and will get activated when you press tab, have the field out focus, or click the search button and there were no Autocomplete results.


Search Field Behavior:

  • Max 10 rows per search.
  • To get more results, scroll to the bottom and click “Show More” (if available) to get the next 10 and so on.
  • Automatically selects and highlights’ the first row.
  • Selects and accepts the highlighted row when using the Tab and Enter keys.
  • Pressing the Escape key resets the input to the previous value.


  • New Search Field Presentation – starting today, we will be changing the presentation of the Search Field when necessary.



The “Value And Display” separated field presentation:


The “Value And Display” presentation:

The “Display Only” Presentation:

The “Value Only” Presentation:

The new context menu will also get updated to the following:

From Left to Right:

  1. New Document/Entry
  2. View Document/Entry
  3. Search – opens the “Advance Search”
  4. List – shows the initial 10 results
  5. Close


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