A300003: SIS Course And Fees (OVERHAUL)

A significant change was made on the underlying architecture of the A300003: SIS Course And Fees master file as required by the A300027: SIS Online Admission and A300028: SIS Online Enrollment. However, this does not change the idea of a master file for local students that can also be applied to foreign students through override amounts.

Previously in order for you to have different courses and fees for local and foreign students, two (2) separate master files have to be created. This update simplifies that procedure by combining them in to one master file.


The “General” tab page now groups the sections in to Academic Setup, General Account Setup and First Child Enrollment Account Setup.

The “First Child Tuition” tab page added the “(Foreign) Total w/o Tax” field as an override to the the first-child local amount.

The “Other Child Tuition” tab page grid now shows overrides for local and foreign child tuition and payment terms.

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