A300027: SIS Online Admission (NEW)


Allows students to apply for admission and pay online.

Admission applications are approved in the back office via A300029: SIS Online Admission Approval.

Located At:

SIS Portals > Student Portal > SIS Online Admission

Initial Tabs, Fields, And Columns:

  • Admission Application (Tab Page)
    • Application Date
    • Admission Date
    • Students’ Information:
      • Student ID, Full Name, Citizenship, Telephone #, Mobile #, Email Address, Date Of Birth, Gender, Religion, Place Of Birth, Passport #, Passport Place Of Issue, Passport Issue Date, Passport Expiry Date, Residence Permit #, Residence Permit Place Of Issue, Residence Permit Issue Date, And Residence Permit Expiry Date
    • Students’ Current Address:
      • Address Line 1, Address Line 2, Address Line 3,
      • Zip Code, Country, Area, Municipality/City, Province, And Region.
    • Use the Students’ Current Address as Permanent Address?
    • Students’ Permanent Address (Fields are the same as the Students’ Current Address)
    • Use the Students’ Current Address as Mailing Address?
    • Students’ Mailing Address (Fields are the same as the Students’ Current Address)
    • Fathers’ Information:
      • Full Name, Telephone #, Mobile #, Email Address,
      • Education Achievement:
        • Options:
          • Preschool, Elementary, High school, Graduate, and Undergraduate.
      • Employers’ Name, Employers’ Address, Occupation, and Office Tel#.
    • Mothers’ Information (Fields are the same as the Fathers’ Information)
    • Who is your guardian?
      • Options
        • Both Parents, Father, Mother, and Other Guardian.
    • Other Guardian Information (Fields are the same as the Fathers’ Information)
    • Academic Background (Enter the school that you last attended)
      • School Last Attended, School Address, Last Curriculum, Last Grade/Year, Last Semester, Last Attendance, Academic Honors, and Extra-Curricular Awards
    • Are you transferring from the last school that you attended?
    • Academic Information (Enter the course that you’ll be taking form our school)
      • School Name, Curriculum, Grade/Year, Semester, and School Year.
    • Breakdown Of Fees
      • Payment Terms, Currency, And Total
    • Payment Schedule
      • Grid:
        • Due Date, Amount, and Line Item Notes.
    • Notes

Initial Reports:

  • SIS Online Admission Application
  • SIS Online Admission Invoice
  • SIS Online Admission Receipt


If logged in from the Private Portal:


If logged in from the Public Portal:


Private And Public Portal Payments:

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