A300028: SIS Online Enrollment (NEW)


Allows students to apply for enrollment and pay online.

Enrollment applications are approved in the back office via A300030: SIS Online Enrollment Approval.

Located At:

SIS Portals > Student Portal > SIS Online Enrollment

Initial Tabs, Fields, And Columns:

  • Enrollment Application (Tab Page)
    • Application Date
    • Enrollment Date
    • Would You like to continue from Online Admission? – when checked, requires you to enter the Admission ID.
    • Enter Admission ID – when entered, the rest of the fields are disabled and automatically filled.
    • Student ID – (Note: only visible if you’re logged in from the Private Portal)
    • Student Name
    • School Name
    • Previous Curriculum:
      • School Year, Semester, Course ID And Details.
    • Next Curriculum:
      • School Year, Semester, Course ID and Details.
    • Breakdown Of Fees
      • Payment Terms, Child Number, Currency, And Reservation Fee.
    • Payment Schedule
      • Grid:
        • Due Date, Amount, And Line Item Notes
    • Notes

Initial Reports:

  • SIS Online Enrollment Application
  • SIS Online Enrollment Invoice
  • SIS Online Enrollment Receipt


If logged in from the Private Portal:


If logged in from the Public Portal:


Private And Public Portal Payments:

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