A310003: SIS Periodic Collections (NEW)


This program is used to print reports about the periodical collections in cash, or bank from the SIS.

Located At:

Main > Analysis Reports > School Information System> Student Accounts > SIS Periodic Collections

Initial Print Parameters:

  • From Student
  • To Student
  • From Guardian
  • To Guardian
  • From Branch
  • To Branch
  • Cut-Off By:
    • Options
      • Eff Date – Effective Date.
      • Period – Fiscal Period.
  • From Date Or Period – This parameter is based on “Cut-Off By” options.
  • To Date or Period – This parameter is based on “Cut-Off By” options.

Initial Reports:

  • SIS Periodic Collections (Detailed)
  • SIS Periodic Collections (Summary)

Note: The initial reports does not require DayEnd processing, you can just print whatever was encoded.


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