A300031: SIS Teachers’ Grade Sheet (NEW)


Allows teachers to record grades of students to the A300015: SIS Grade Sheet from the SIS Community Portal.

The A300015: SIS Grade Sheet  is a BackOffice ERP program while the A300031: SIS Teachers’ Grade Sheet is a Community Portal program. The only difference between them is that the BackOffice ERP program provides the highest document to branch visibility and an extensive field selection in order to perform overrides at the highest level.

Note: This program needs the A300023: SIS Time Table to function correctly and auto generates grade sheets for the A300015: SIS Grade Sheet.

Located At:

SIS Portals > Teacher Portal > SIS Teachers’ Grade Sheet

Initial Tabs, Fields, And Columns:

  • General (Tab Page)
    • Description, Grading Date
    • Grade Entry
      • Options:
        • Initial – grade values will be transmuted.
        • Transmuted – grade values will appear as is (no transmutation).
    • Teacher, For Branch, School Year
    • Get S.Y. (Button) – gets the school year based on the Grading Date.
    • Class Section, Curriculum, Grade And Year Level
    • Subject ID, Semester G.P., Grading Period, Component
  • Grade Sheet
    • Grid:
      • Student ID, Name
      • Grade – this column is dynamically generated based on the selected components’ criteria.
      • =100% Final – the “final grade” computed as per the component’ criterias’ weight.
      • Notes

Initial Reports:

  • SIS Teachers’ Grade Sheet All Students
  • SIS Teachers’ Grade Sheet Per Student


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