GENERAL: Option To Add The Consultants’ ChatUs Box


This feature allows the consultants to chat with their clients from inside the subscribers database subscription.

Located At:

“Subscriber Home Page” > Company Details > ChatUs Box Settings

Initial Tabs, Fields, And Columns:

  • ChatUs Box Settings
    • Chat Provider
      • iKonomikal – ikonomikal hosted chat agent service.
      • Tawk.To – custom hosted chat agent service.
    • Provider ID – unique ID provided by the chat agent service.


GENERAL: Option To “Expand The Tab Pages”


This feature allows you to “Expand” a transactions’ or masterfiles’ tab page.

Located At:

“Transaction or Masterfile” > Options > Program Settings > Expand The Tab Page Content When Possible?


“Expand The Tab Page Content When Possible?” Option


“Expanded Tab Page”


“Normal Tab Page”


GENERAL: New “New Document/Entry” Button On Programs That Comes With Search Helper

Added the feature to add new Masterfiles or Transactions on the Search Helper for programs that are used to add records and that comes with search.

When “Show Search On Start?” is enabled, the Control Menu goes behind the Search Helper and the only way to add new records is to close the helper. This feature was added to ease the data entry of users.


GENERAL: New “Show Search On Start” Option For Searchable Programs

iKonomikal programs by default start with a blank template and waits for user interaction. From now on, any program that comes with search will be able to start with a search window first allowing for a “List First” type approach.

Do the following to enable/disable this feature:

  1. Select any program that comes with search (example: SS10: Payment Terms).
  2. Click options from the Control Menu.
  3. Click Program Settings from Options Window.
  4. Check or Uncheck the “Show Search On Star?” field and then click Save or Save And Close.
  5. Reload/Refresh the page to see the effect.

Note: This feature can only be found on programs that come with search.

GENERAL: Login And Sign-Up with Facebook (NEW)

Users will now be able to Login or Sign-Up with their Facebook accounts.

Note: If you need to change your credentials such as your email, first name, last name, picture or password, go to Facebook and change it there.

For Login:


For Sign-Up:




  • Go to iKonomikal login page and then click LOG-IN WITH FACEBOOK.
  • Log in With Facebook window opens, click Continue as [Your Name].
  • You will redirect to the user home page. The Facebook logo appears beside your email address when you’re logged in.




iKonomikal users who have signed up before this update will also be able to merge their account with Facebook by following the steps below:

Warning: Do not use the iKonomikal Facebook login before checking the steps below. If the emails do not match, your login step would have just created a new account without merging with the old one. 

  • Go to Facebook and make sure that the primary email address is the same as the one you used in iKonomikal. The email from your iKonomikal account MUST MATCH with the one you have in Facebook. Make changes when necessary.


  • Go to iKonomikal login page and then click LOG-IN WITH FACEBOOK.
  • Log in With Facebook window opens, click Continue as [Your Name].


  • And then you will get the message:

“Hello, we merged your existing iKonomikal account with your social media account. Henceforth, you no longer have to login with your old account, just login via social media!”

  • You will redirect to the user home page. The Facebook logo appears beside your email address when you’re logged in.


You can also unlink your account from Facebook by doing the following steps:

  • Go to the login screen and click the “Reset Password”.
  • The Reset Password window opens, enter the email address used by Facebook and click the “Send Reset Email” button.


  • Click the reset link as indicated in the reset email.
  • Enter your new password and then click the “Change My Password” button.


  • Go back to the login page.
  • From the login page, enter your email address, password, captcha and then click the “LOG-IN” button. DO NOT click the “LOG-IN WITH FACEBOOK” button, this will link your facebook account to your iKonomikal account.

GENERAL: Community Portals (NEW)

Previously there was no other way for the stakeholders such as Employees, Customers, Suppliers, Investors, Students, Teachers, Guardians, and etc to interact with the company outside of the ERP in a much more simpler and friendlier environment other than to submit their inputs to the back office personnel for data entry. This leads to a number of data entry tasks that ultimately causes backlogs, and late generation of reports.

In this update, the iKonomikal Cloud ERP web application and API will now be divided in to two major parts: the “BackOffice ERP” and the “Community Portals”.

“BackOffice ERP – a collection of programs that are only accessible by a legitimate company personnel through their assigned roles to setup, encode, administer, and report in a much more greater or higher efficiency and visibility.”

“Community Portals – a collection of programs that are created outside of the BackOffice ERP, which allows the stakeholders to get involved or interact with the company’s business processes and services.”

Community Portal Welcome Page (Example):

Note: Welcome pages maybe different in design for other portals.


Community Portal Dashboard (Example):


Community Portal Program (Example: A300028: SIS Online Enrollment):


Community Portals’ enables our R&D Team to create many kinds stakeholder facing programs such as:

  • H/R Employee Portal,
  • Customer/Supplier Account Portal,
  • Sales or Service Orders for Customers,
  • Procurement for Suppliers,
  • Investor Account Portal,
  • Portals for Auditors,
  • Mailer Tracking for Customers,
  • School Portal For Students, Guardians, and Teachers,
  • Mobile Point Of Sale,
  • Cargo Track And Trace for Customers,
  • Banking for Individual or Corporate Customers,
  • and etc.

Community portal programs are by design able to handle user access or resource rights in 3 modes:

  • Private Portal Mode – users that are given rights or linked to a BackOffice ERP resource or masterfile.


Company Customers that are linked to a single or multiple AA00003: Customer/Supplier Profile code.

Employees that are linked to a single or multiple HR00005: HR Employee Profile code.

  • Public Portal Mode – users that are not attached or not linked to any BackOffice ERP resource or masterfile.


Students that are applying for admissions via the A300027: SIS Online Admission.

  • PassThrough Portal Mode – BackOffice ERP users that are given Branch level wide access to Community Portal programs.