A300003: SIS Course And Fees (OVERHAUL)

A significant change was made on the underlying architecture of the A300003: SIS Course And Fees master file as required by the A300027: SIS Online Admission and A300028: SIS Online Enrollment. However, this does not change the idea of a master file for local students that can also be applied to foreign students through override amounts.

Previously in order for you to have different courses and fees for local and foreign students, two (2) separate master files have to be created. This update simplifies that procedure by combining them in to one master file.


The “General” tab page now groups the sections in to Academic Setup, General Account Setup and First Child Enrollment Account Setup.

The “First Child Tuition” tab page added the “(Foreign) Total w/o Tax” field as an override to the the first-child local amount.

The “Other Child Tuition” tab page grid now shows overrides for local and foreign child tuition and payment terms.

GENERAL: Program Loader Dialog Box Improvements

Previously when you need to open a program from the “Program Loader”, either the target program replaces the current page or pops out to another browser page. If you had encoded a new master file or just opened a master file, you had to switch to different pages and this breaks the data entry momentum.

In this update, you will be able to open a program from within the same browser window on top of another program. In addition, the program loader automatically fills in any new master file that you may have created to the target search field.

The new program loader will now have the following options:

  • Within Browser Page – opens and loads the target program from within a the same page inside a dialog box.

  • New Browser Page – opens and loads the target program to a new browser page.
  • Same Browser Page – completely replaces the current contents of the page.

GENERAL: Centralized Document/Transaction Convert Button

We’ve added a centralized way of converting or extracting from and to a specific document. As you know, iKonomikal centers around the idea of master files and transactions being interconnected to each other through linking, copying, or extracting. However, until now there was no centralized way to access those features that ultimately lead to inline buttons that for examples labeled as “EXTRACT FROM SUPPLY CHAIN DOCUMENT” within the document it self.

This new update groups those features so that they can be accessed in one button we call “CONVERT”.



GENERAL: “Required” Visual Helper

We’ve added the following to all the programs:

  • “Required” Visual Helper – Previously in order for the user to check if certain fields that are required to be entered are completely filled up, the document had to be saved a couple of times to get a visual dialog feedback. This kind of procedure ultimately leads to the users’ “hit and miss a couple of times” scenario.

This new feature allows the users to very easily recognize the fields that are required to be filled up.


(The helper shows at the left border side of the Field)

There are 3 types of “Required” Visual Helper:

  1. Green – if the field is automatically filled up (usually comes with the <<AUTO>> watermark).
  2. Red – if the field is required to be filled up.
  3. None – if the field is optional or already filled up.

Note: At the moment, only a few programs have this feature but the rest will be applied in the coming months or as needed.

GENERAL: “Autocomplete” Search Helper And New Search Field Presentation

We’ve added the following to all the programs:

  • “Autocomplete” Search Helper – Previously when users need to search keywords, they either need to know part of its code or type its description and press tab or have the field out of focus to bring up the “Advanced Search” helper in to full screen. This procedure, although very powerful also stops the users’ data entry momentum.

This new feature allows users to visually see results while typing. The advance search is still available and will get activated when you press tab, have the field out focus, or click the search button and there were no Autocomplete results.


Search Field Behavior:

  • Max 10 rows per search.
  • To get more results, scroll to the bottom and click “Show More” (if available) to get the next 10 and so on.
  • Automatically selects and highlights’ the first row.
  • Selects and accepts the highlighted row when using the Tab and Enter keys.
  • Pressing the Escape key resets the input to the previous value.


  • New Search Field Presentation – starting today, we will be changing the presentation of the Search Field when necessary.



The “Value And Display” separated field presentation:


The “Value And Display” presentation:

The “Display Only” Presentation:

The “Value Only” Presentation:

The new context menu will also get updated to the following:

From Left to Right:

  1. New Document/Entry
  2. View Document/Entry
  3. Search – opens the “Advance Search”
  4. List – shows the initial 10 results
  5. Close