SS29: Term Sequence Group

Previously in order for an item to show it’s actual description in the payment schedule or to appear “as is”, you will have to create and attach an SS29: Term Sequence Group (TSG) with the same name to each Item Code or Charge listed on the invoice. This could result in longer Payment Structures in SS10: Payment Terms and duplication of work since for every Item Code or Charge there is an equivalent TSG code to be attached to it.

In this update, the TSG will now be able to optionally group master files that are attached to it in to a single line or “as is” taking the item’s actual name or label in to the payment schedule.

Added the following:

  • General (Tab Page)
    • Group Items? – Allows for aggregation of any item attached to the masterfile either in to a single line or “as is” taking the item’s actual name or label in to the payment schedule.


Note: This applies to all the programs of iKonomikal that makes use of the SS10: Payment Terms master file. 

If “Group Items?” is checked, the payment schedule becomes a single line with the TSGs’ Description:


If “Group Items?” is unchecked, the payment schedule is detailed:

SS10: Payment Terms

In this update, the SS10: Payment Terms master file will now be able to optionally disallow generation of negative payment schedules.

Added the following:

  • General (Tab Page)
    • No Negative Due? – disables generation of payment structures in to payment schedules with negative line items. When this is checked, the program that uses this master file throws a no negative error.


A300005: SIS Enrollment And Fees Invoice

Previously, the only way to add an inventory item to an SIS invoice is with the use of the TR00006: Charges. However, this lacked integration with the existing Inventory Control And Assembly module (IC) to automate the stocks that are being sold from the SIS.

In this update, any SIS invoice will now be able to use item codes from the IC module with full integration.

Added the following:

  • Supplies Fees (Tab Page)
    • Total Supplies w/ Tax
    • Add From Price List (Button) – adds items based on the price list set in the A300009: SIS Branch Settings.
    • Recompute Taxes (Button) – recomputes’ the Supplies Fees taxes and totals.
    • Grid:
      • Supply Item – Inventory Item Code.
      • Quantity
      • U/P
      • Total
      • Tax
      • GUOM – Group Unit Of Measure.
      • UOM – Unit Of Measure.
      • Tax Amt
      • Total w/ Tax