TR10018: Bank And Cash Fund Cash Position (NEW)


Combined report for Bank And Cash Fund Cash Position.

Located At:

Main > Analysis Reports > Treasury > Analysis > Bank And Cash Fund Cash Position

Initial Print Parameters:

  • From/To Bank
  • From/To Cash Fund
  • Report Type
    • Options:
      • From/To Dates
      • As Of Date
      • From/To Period
      • As Of Period
  • From/To Date
  • From/To Period

Initial Reports:

  • Periodic Bank/CF Collections And Disbursements
  • Periodic Bank/CF Cash Position
  • Periodic Bank/CF Cash Position (Summarized Collections)


GENERAL: New “New Document/Entry” Button On Programs That Comes With Search Helper

Added the feature to add new Masterfiles or Transactions on the Search Helper for programs that are used to add records and that comes with search.

When “Show Search On Start?” is enabled, the Control Menu goes behind the Search Helper and the only way to add new records is to close the helper.¬†This feature was added to ease the data entry of users.


GENERAL: New “Show Search On Start” Option For Searchable Programs

iKonomikal programs by default start with a blank template and waits for user interaction. From now on, any program that comes with search will be able to start with a search window first allowing for a “List First” type approach.

Do the following to enable/disable this feature:

  1. Select any program that comes with search (example: SS10: Payment Terms).
  2. Click options from the Control Menu.
  3. Click Program Settings from Options Window.
  4. Check or Uncheck the “Show Search On Star?” field and then click Save or Save And Close.
  5. Reload/Refresh the page to see the effect.

Note: This feature can only be found on programs that come with search.

TR00052: Cancelled Collection Receipts (NEW)

TR00052: Cancelled Collection Receipts is used to record receipts that were not recorded due to mishandling (i.e. torned, misplaced, wrong print, etc.)

Note: This is not to be confused with posted receipts that can be reversed.

Located At:

Main > Core Business > Treasury > Other Bank/Fund Transactions > Cancelled Collection Receipts

Initial Tabs, Fields, And Columns:

  • General (Tab Page)
    • Receipt #
    • For Branch
    • Cancellation Date
    • Reason For Cancellation