A300026: SIS Inventory Item Map (NEW)


Created to map the Inventory Control Item Codes in to Charge Codes for SIS miscellaneous fees that require inventory transactions via the Day End procedure. Integration is not yet implemented this is just a master file for future development.

Located At:

Add-In Modules > School Information System > General Setup

Initial Tabs, Fields, And Columns:

  • General (Tab Page)
    • Grid:
      • Code
      • Description
      • Map To Charge Code

A300005: SIS Enrollment And Fees

The “Transaction Type” OTHER FEES will no longer show the Subject Fees (Tab Page). The miscellaneous fees extracted from the SIS Course And Fees will now be filter based on “Transaction Type”.

The Fees Summary (Tab Page) is now arranged in rows and as follows:

  • Tuition Total – this is invisible when the “Transaction Type” is OTHER FEES.
  • Tuition Tax – this is invisible when the “Transaction Type” is OTHER FEES.
  • Miscellaneous Fees Total  (renamed from Fees Total)
  • Miscellaneous Fees Tax (renamed from Fees Tax)

HR00002: Job Descriptions

Removed and relocated the following fields from the Account Setup (Tab Page) > Taxation:

  • Minimum Wage Earner (MWE)? – is now located at HR Employee Salary under Account Setup (Tab Page) > Taxation.
  • Yearly Statutory Minimum Wage – is now located at HR Branch Settings under Minimum Wages (Tab Page) and renamed as the “Daily Wage” column.